I move that the Dáil adjourn until Wednesday at 3 o'clock.


I beg to second the motion.

The Enforcement of Law Bill will be taken on Wednesday, and I expect that the Bill, as amended in Committee, will be in the hands of Deputies to-morrow—or possibly to-night. Amendments should reach us by Monday, or earlier, if possible. The same thing applies to the Committee stage of this Bill, which will also be taken on Wednesday, as already announced.

Can the Minister in charge give us any idea as to when the Bill relating to Amalgamation of Unions, County Health Homes, and so on, could be brought to our notice or distributed?

I hope on Thursday, or, if not, then on Friday.

We shall take the Second Reading?

When shall we have copies?

It depends on what time the copies will be available.

If copies are available on Tuesday the Bill will be taken on Thursday, and if on Wednesday, then it will be taken on Friday.

The Dáil adjourned at 4.40 p.m.