To ask the Minister for Local Government whether his attention has been called to the request of the Navan Rural District Council, made in the following terms:—

Resolved:—“That the Local Government Department be asked to issue the balance of the loan for building the fourteen labourers' cottages remaining unbuilt under the Labourers' Order of 1911, as there is very urgent need for providing houses in the district.”

Why this balance was not issued; and whether the Ministry for Local Government now intends to comply with this request.

The resolution of the Navan Rural District Council has been brought to my notice. The resumption of State aid for rural housing is receiving the attention of the Government. In cases where loans had been sanctioned under the Labourers' Acts during the British Administration, but had not been fully issued, owing to the financial stringency arising out of the European War, representations have been made to the British Treasury with the object of securing that the unissued balances may be made available. An early settlement of this question is expected, and the application of the Navan Rural District Council will then receive full consideration.