To ask the Minister for Finance whether Approved Societies whose headquarters are in the Irish Free State, but have members in Northern Ireland or Great Britain, and which desire to retain those members, will be required to set up separate headquarters outside the Free State for the administration of their benefits; whether this will not necessarily involve the transfer of a portion of their present staffs or their dismissal if they are unable or unwilling to leave the Irish Free State, and whether in this event he will see that adequate compensation is provided for any whole-time official whose employment will be terminated or emoluments reduced as a result of the change referred to.

Societies which have members outside the Free State must set up separate headquarters in Great Britain or Northern Ireland if they propose to apply for approval of their members in those countries, but they may also transfer their members to existing Societies if their non-Free State members prefer that course.

The Government cannot contemplate the provision of compensation from State Funds for officials of Approved Societies who may lose their employment in consequence of the separation of Health Insurance in the Free State from that in Great Britain and in Northern Ireland.