asked the Minister for Defence whether he was aware that eight cattle, three of which were the property of James Malynn, three of Michael Brennan, and two of Joseph McGrath, were seized by National Forces from the lands of Mr. Matt. Farrell, Ballymore, Westmeath; whether Mr. Farrell rented these lands to the above-mentioned persons for grazing purposes. Further, to ask whether the cattle in question have been sold, and, if so, will these men be compensated, or, if not sold, will the Minister see they are returned.

Inquiries are being pursued, but they have not yet been completed.

I would like to know if, after making inquiries, you could give me an idea whether the cattle have been sold, the amount of money received for them, and whether these people can prove that they were paying for the grazing of the cattle that the military had now seized; and further, whether it is the intention of the Minister to seize all horned stock, including goats? You have taken a goat off these lands from a man who has no other way of giving milk to his children.