asked the Minister for Home Affairs whether he is aware that the building known as the Ordnance Office, Ennis, on being vacated by the forces of the Provisional Government has been forcibly taken possession of by a number of indigent families; whether his attention has been drawn to the depredations committed by those persons on the internal structure—even using oak doors as firewood —and in view of the value of this mansion to the State whether he will indicate the measures to be taken for its preservation.

This question should be addressed to the Minister for Defence, and I am answering it for him.

The arrangement by which civilian tenants were put into occupation of the Ordnance House, Ennis, was made by the officer in charge of the military in the area, with a representative of the Urban District Council, and was necessary for the protection of the premises at a time when every building evacuated by troops in that area was destroyed. The premises are not the property of the State. The matter is being investigated and it is hoped a settlement will shortly be reached.