asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health if he can state why, in the proposed Local Government Bill, 1924, one of he most important branches of the Local Government—namely, Municipal Government—has been entirely neglected; if it is the opinion of the Government that Municipal Administration is to be superseded rather than reformed; if he has received several suggestions for amendments to the present system of Municipal Administration from representatives and important civic associations in Cork City; if he can indicate when the question of Municipal Government will be legislatively dealt with by the Executive.

The Local Government Bill does not purport to deal with the whole range of local government or of public health. It is proposed to deal further with Municipal Government in a new special measure, after adequate examination of the many far-reaching problems involved. It is not my opinion that municipal administration should be superseded or that the powers given in the Local Government (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1923, should be exercised, save in most exceptional circumstances. I have had the advantage of very many suggestions concerning the future administration of the City of Cork which are being examined. I cannot say what views are held by the Executive on the question of Municipal Government, but my own opinion is the whole matter should be legislatively dealt with on democratic lines after a Commission shall have advised as to what is necessary to best secure social progress at moderate costs to the ratepayers.