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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 12 Nov 1925

Vol. 13 No. 3


Bille chun socrú níos fearr do dhéanamh chun go bhféadfar scrú- duithe i gcóir agus ceapacháin chun Stát-Sheirbhíse Rialtais Shaorstáit Eireann do chimeád ar leithligh do shaghasanna áirithe daoine agus go sonnrách d'aon innscin amháin daoine agus chun déanamh in éamais scrúduithe chomórtais i gcás cuid áirithe de sna ceapacháin sin.

A Bill to make better provision for enabling examinations for and appointments to the Civil Service of the Government of Saorstát Eireann to be confined to limited classes of persons and in particular to members of one sex and for dispensing with competitive examination in the case of certain such appointments.

I beg to move for leave to introduce a Bill entitled the Civic Service Regulation (Amendment) Bill. The principal reason for the introduction of this Bill is that it has been found that the Civil Service Commissioners have not power to confine an examination to persons of one sex. When the existing legislation was passed, or shortly afterwards, examinations confined to one sex were held, but we were afterwards advised that it was ultra vires on the part of the Commissioners to do so. The result was that recently an examination for typists and shorthand typists was held and it had to be opened to both men and women. A certain number of men realised the fact that they were eligible and they entered, and a couple of them were successful. Our organisation of the service does not enable us to make use of men typists or men shorthand typists. In the same way, it would be desirable that an examination for officers in the Customs and Excise should be confined to men only, as, by reason of the nature of the duties, they could not in many cases be satisfactorily performed by women. We had to postpone holding an examination for officers in the Customs and Excise because of the lack of power on the part of the Civil Service Commission to confine the examination to persons of one sex. That is the main object of this Bill. It will also effect certain minor changes in regard to the dispensing with examinations in certain cases.

Leave granted. Bill read a First Time. Second Stage ordered for Wednesday, 18th November.