asked the Minister for Finance if he will state to what particular service the payment made to the Lord Mayor and citizens of Dublin of £714 11s. 8d. and charged on the Central Fund (41 Geo. 3., C. 32) is applied.

The annual sum of £714 11s. 8d. is paid to the Town Clerk, Dublin, "for the Lord Mayor and Citizens of Dublin" and is, I understand, when received by him credited to the account of the Borough Fund established in pursuance of Section 128 of Act 3 and 4 Vic. Cap. 108. The services to which that Fund are applied are fully described in Section 131 of the Act and include the payment of the salaries of the Lord Mayor, Recorder, Town Clerk, Treasurer, and other officers of the Corporation, election expenses, etc. It is also provided in that section that any surplus in the Fund shall be applied towards the paving, cleansing, and lighting of the streets.

In view of the fact that there is no Lord Mayor at present and that therefore there will be no necessity for an election fund, does the Minister deem it right to pay this money yearly?

There are still streets to be paved and cleansed.

Can the Minister say to what purpose that sum was applied during the last financial year?

I have not the slightest idea.

Is it being applied towards the cleaning or paving of the streets?

I do not know.