asked the Minister for Finance whether he will state the total amount of grants withheld from the Clare County Council in respect of defaulting land annuitants in County Clare up to 31st December, 1927.

The total sum absorbed in the Guarantee Fund and debited against Local Taxation grants in the case of Clare County Council on account of arrears of land purchase annuities up to 31st January, 1928, was £44,720 4s. 8d. The date 31st January, 1928, is given instead of that mentioned by the Deputy as it is the date at which the arrears are certified in pursuance of Rule 9 (2) of the Land (Finance) Rules, 1925, and Rule 4 (2) of the Purchase Annuities Fund Rules, 1924.


Is the Minister aware that in the lists issued by the Land Commission for prosecutions to be taken the Land Commission itself is debited or is supposed to owe £168 9s. 7d., and that the Department of Industry and Commerce is supposed to owe £6 17s. 3d.? Will the Minister see that these two Departments should discharge what they owe to the Clare County Council?

If the facts are as stated I will write them very severely.