Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Entertainments Duty on Outdoor Sports.

asked the Minister for Finance whether requests were made to him for the withdrawal of the Entertainments Duty on Association and Rugby football and other outdoor sports, and if so, if he will state what decision has been arrived at in the matter.

I have received requests from a number of associations interested in the promotion of outdoor sports for the withdrawal of the Entertainments Duty on these sports. The matter will be considered in conjunction with the general review of taxation for the purposes of the next Budget.

Is the Minister prepared to state that there will be at least a remission of the tax on those games, and is the Minister further aware that it is a most unfair discrimination to exercise against those games known as foreign games, namely, soccer and Rugby football?

Arising out of the Minister's reply, might I inquire if the Minister is satisfied so far with the yield of that tax?

It is hard for the Minister for Finance to be satisfied with the yield of any tax.