Written Answers. - Drainage of the River Robe.

asked the Minister for Finance if he is aware that the Mayo County Council have passed the necessary statutory resolution guaranteeing to pay 29 per cent. of the cost of the drainage of the River Robe as required by the Commissioners of Public Works and if he will state what steps, if any, are being taken by the Commissioners of Public Works for the publication of notices of the drainage scheme in the Iris Oifigiúil as required by the Arterial Drainage Act, 1925.

The Mayo County Council passed a resolution on the 28th October, 1933— of which notification was received by the Commissioners of Public Works on the 8th instant—agreeing to make a contribution of £13,050, or 29 per cent. of the estimated cost of the proposed River Robe Drainage Scheme. The Commissioners of Public Works wrote to the Council on the 14th instant pointing out that their contribution should not be limited to a definite sum, but should be 29 per cent. of the actual cost of the scheme, so as to ensure that any excess or saving on the estimate should be shared proportionately by the Government, the County Council, and the rated occupiers of affected lands.

As soon as the County Council shall have passed a resolution undertaking to contribute 29 per cent. of the actual cost there will be no delay in submitting the detailed drainage scheme to the votes of the occupiers of affected lands and publishing the necessary notices.