Ceistenna-Questions. Oral Answers. - Unlawful Possession of Firearms.

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state what charge or charges were brought against Francis Boyle, Mullalosty, in connection with an alleged hold-up under arms near Coolderry on or about 1st October, 1933; if conviction and sentence followed; and if so, what was the nature and extent of the sentence; and, if imprisonment was ordered is the convicted man still undergoing punishment, or if any part of the sentence has been remitted.

Boyle was charged with a variety of offences arising out of the illegal possession of a firearm and its alleged use for the purpose of armed robbery. If the Deputy wishes, I shall read out the full charges. He was convicted of unlawful possession of firearms, only, so far as my information goes, and sentenced to 12 months' hard labour. There has been no remission and he is still in prison.