Ceistenna-Questions. Oral Answers. - Possession of a Gun.

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state (a) if he is aware that in giving evidence as a witness before the Military Tribunal on September 29th, 1933, Gárda John Martin (described as of the special branch of the Gárda) swore that he had brought back a gun from America; that he had retained that gun in the Saorstát for at least the six months previous to August, 1933, and that he had that gun in his possession on September 29th, 1933; (b) if for any part of or for all this period, starting six months prior to August and continuing up to 29th September last, John Martin had not a permit under the Firearms Act; (c) if John Martin is still a member of the special or any other branch of the Gárda or is otherwise employed in Government service and (d) if any disciplinary action was taken against John Martin for having a firearm without a permit (if such was the case).

The replies to parts (a) and (c) are in the affirmative and to part (d) in the negative. Martin had no permit. The gun was defective and was held as a souvenir.

Would the Minister care to bring that person before the Military Tribunal and have that excuse put up?

The Minister knows that there are even members of the Dáil who hold guns that are not defective and for which they hold no permit and he has not yet brought them before the Military Tribunal.

If the Minister is deficient in his duty in one regard, it is no reason why he should be deficient in regard to a person who may, one of these days, be sent to search a house with this so-called defective gun in his possession and it may be planted in that house.

That gun was taken in September last and was willingly given up.

Has he got any other? Is he still in the Force?

I had a permit for a toy pistol for training dogs——

Does the Deputy consider that to be a supplementary question?

The Minister issued an order taking it from me. Why was an exception made in my case?

Is the Minister aware that Martin swore that the gun was not defective?