Order of Business.

The order of business will be as on the Order Paper from item No. 2 to item No. 11, next item No. 13 and then item No. 12. Supplementary Estimate No. 55 (Land Commission) will not be taken to-day. It is proposed, as I indicated yesterday, that when the public business is concluded, the Dáil will adjourn until Wednesday next.

The procedure is given as being from Nos. 2 to 11. I notice that that includes the Control of Imports Bill and presumably, that will be reached sometime to-day. I would point out that this is the Committee Stage and the Government amendments are not in. What is the use of starting on the Committee Stage without the Government amendments?

Will the Deputy say why he assumes that there are going to be Government amendments?

The Chair has no information as to whether there are to be Government amendments or not. The Committee Stage has been ordered for to-day. That is an order of the House by which the Chair must be guided.

Can I reply to the Minister?

The Deputy might raise the question when item No. 8 on the Order Paper is reached.

I am quite satisfied with your ruling and I shall raise the question when we come to item No. 8.