Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Vesting of Holdings.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will explain the method by which the Land Commission vest holdings in tenants and the order of priority in which estates are vested in the Land Commission and holdings in tenants, and if he will state whether representations by Deputies are considered by the Land Commission when deciding the priority in which estates are dealt with for vesting purposes.

Vesting procedure under the Land Acts, 1923-46, differs as between estates of tenanted land and estates of untenanted land. Tenanted land holdings vested in the Land Commission by inclusion in Lists of Vested Holdings published under Section 9 of the Land Act, 1931, are revested in the tenants by Vesting Orders published under Section 12, Land Act, 1931. Investigation of these tenanted land estates for revesting follows as far as possible an order of priority determined by the date on which particulars of the estates were lodged in the Land Commission, but representations from or on behalf of interested parties in regard to revesting are considered by the Land Commission.

As regards estates of untenanted land, allotments for which purchase agreements have been executed are revested by "fiating" the purchase agreements pursuant to Section 32, Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896. Other cases are revested by published Vesting Orders under Section 28, Land Act, 1931. The general rule is to deal in chronological order with estates which are ready for revesting and not to accede to representations for special priority for individual cases.