Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Deficient Milk Prosecutions.

asked the Minister for Health if he will consider the introduction of proposals for legislation to amend the law relating to prosecutions against farmers for deficiencies in the milk fats and the milk solids other than milk fats so as to ensure that penalties either by way of fine or payment of costs and expenses will not be imposed in cases where the court is satisfied that the milk was not tampered with and is sold as it came from the cow.

The Deputy's suggestion implies a reversion from the present law under which it is an offence to sell milk which is not up to the prescribed standard, to the law which was in force prior to the enactment of the Sale of Food and Drugs (Milk) Act, 1935. Under the earlier law milk below the prescribed standard could be sold provided that it had not been tampered with after it came from the cow.

I will have the Deputy's suggestion examined but the implications of the amendment suggested by the Deputy will require very careful consideration.