Committee on Finance. - Electricity Supply (Amendment) Bill, 1951—Committee and Subsequent Stages.

Sections 1 to 8 inclusive ordered to stand part of the Bill.

I move amendment No. 2:—

To add to the section a new sub-section as follows:—

(4) The board shall not declare as the age limit for any office an age which is less than the normal retiring age under the superannuation scheme applicable to persons holding similar office.

The Local Government Officials' Union came to express certain anxiety about the wording of sub-section (1) of this section. It says "the board may declare any specified age to be the age limit for offices in the service of the board," etc. I said here it was the intention of the board to declare 65 years in the case of men and 60 years in the case of women to be the retiring ages but they pointed out, that as far as the law stood, they might specify some other age for some categories of workers. I agreed, therefore, to insert this amendment which provides that the board cannot specify any age lower than the age prescribed in the superannuation schemes.

Amendment agreed to.
Section 9 as amended agreed to.
Sections 10 to 14 inclusive and the Title agreed to.
Bill reported with amendment.
Report agreed to.
Agreed to take the remaining stages now.
Bill received for final consideration and passed.