Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Vocational Education Act.


asked the Minister for Education whether, in view of the fact that Part V of the Vocational Education Act applies only in Limerick, Cork and Waterford cities and of the fact that the operation of this section has induced employers in the Limerick area to employ young workers from outside the Limerick city area in preference to city workers who must attend the vocational school one day a week, he will now review the whole operation of this Part of the Act with a view to (a) assessing its real value to those pupils affected, (b) equalising the situation throughout the country with regard to vocational education, and (c) providing a more effective and realistic measure of vocational education for young workers in all parts of the country.

My Department is associated with a survey at present being made, in conjunction with UNESCO, of compulsory schemes of part-time education for young people who have completed the normal compulsory period of full-time schooling. In connection with this survey, the part-time compulsory courses under Part V of the Vocational Education Act, 1930, will come under review. The question of the suitability of these part-time courses will be very carefully examined when the report on the survey is available.

As to (b) and (c) of the Deputy's question, the proposals for the development of post-primary education, which I announced in May last and details of which are being worked out in my Department will, I think, meet anything the Deputy has in mind in connection with these sections of his question.

Would the Minister tell us when these reports will be published?

When they are finished. It is a survey and it will depend on the amount of time required to complete it.