Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Ballymun (Dublin) Heating.


asked the Minister for Local Government if he is aware of complaints about the inability of the residents in the Ballymun housing development, Dublin, to control the temperature of the heating in their flats to a desired degree; and if he will request the National Building Agency to examine this matter, and, if necessary, provide control equipment in each flat.

I am aware that some such complaints have been made. The flats at Ballymun are heated by underfloor hot-water coils which are an integral part of the Balency system as adopted there. It would not be practicable, at this stage, to provide for control of the temperature in individual flats. The decision of Dublin Corporation not to have tenant-controlled heating was based, mainly, on capital cost considerations, and the need to provide the most efficient service, at the most economical cost to tenants.

Is the Minister aware that the new flats built at Keogh Square, though of similar design, have controlled central heating? What caused the corporation to change their original recommendations in regard to Keogh Square?

The Deputy is misinformed. I understand that the central heating in Keogh Square is not subject to control by the tenants.

If the Minister were made aware of an increase in certain illnesses due to uncontrolled central heating in the Ballymun flats, would he then provide humidifiers?

I understand there is not any such evidence.

I said "if".

That does not arise.