Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Social Welfare Voluntary Contributors.


asked the Minister for Social Welfare the position of voluntary contributors under the Social Welfare Acts when the promised revision of the code brings about changes in the remuneration limit.

A person who ceases to be compulsorily insured under the social insurance system for any reason after having paid not less than three years contributions, has a statutory right to become a voluntary contributor. A voluntary contributor ceases to have that right if he again becomes compulsorily insured. Thus, should the remuneration limit be raised or abolished, some voluntary contributors will again become insured compulsorily and lose the right to be voluntary contributors, others who will not be affected by changes in the limit may continue to be voluntary contributors.

May I ask the Minister when it is proposed to introduce these changes?

I mentioned in the debate on my Estimate that I hoped to increase or abolish the limit.

I am speaking about pay-related social welfare benefits.

This question has nothing to do with that. It is concerned with voluntary contributors under the Social Welfare Acts.

Can the Minister state how they will fare in the pay-related scheme?

It does not apply to voluntary contributors.

Voluntary contributors should fare in the new pay-related scheme. Does the Minister not think that logical? Is that not what they are paying for?