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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 15 Mar 1972

Vol. 259 No. 11

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin City Milk Supply.


asked the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries if he is aware that there may be a scarcity of milk in the near future in Dublin city; and what action he intends taking to prevent it.

The question of increasing the minimum prices payable to producers of liquid milk in the Dublin area is under active consideration and it is hoped that an announcement in the matter can be made within the next week or so.

Will the Parliamentary Secretary say why he is not prepared to make the announcement now, or is it to be made at a Fianna Fáil cumann meeting in some part of the country? Why not avail of this House to make announcements of this kind? Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware that the farmers have decided to divert their supplies to the creameries because those supplying milk to the City of Dublin cannot plan ahead when they do not know what increase they are to receive?

There will be an announcement within the next week or so and that is what is important.

Where will the announcement be made?

That is a separate question.

Will the Parliamentary Secretary wait until he is sending his Christmas cards to make the information available?

The question relates to a scarcity of milk.

Would the Parliamentary Secretary not consider that announcements in regard to increases of both creamery and liquid milk prices should be made here simultaneously so as to avoid some people being unable to make proper plans as to whether they should stay in liquid milk production or revert to the creameries?

The position is that the creamery milk suppliers have received a worthwhile increase and the question of an increase to liquid milk suppliers is under consideration. An announcement in this regard will be made within the next week or so. The Deputies have stressed that the place where such an announcement is made is of importance. I would say that the decision should be announced as soon as there is a decision. What is important is that an early decision is announced. I would not consider that it would be appropriate to wait until such time as the Dáil would be in session to make such an announcement if it was not convenient to do so.

Make the announcement tomorrow.

I am calling Question No. 33.

If it should happen that the increase announced is not considered to be acceptable, are there any plans in the Department to ensure that there will be an adequate supply of milk to Dublin city?

Arising out of this, there is no question of a scarcity of milk in Dublin city.

There is. We have read it in the newspapers.

I do not accept that.

There is every question of a scarcity.

There will be plenty of milk.