Private Notice Questions. - Dublin Rally Aftermath.

I have given Deputy O'Keeffe permission to ask a Private Notice Question of the Minister for Justice.

asked the Minister for Justice whether, in the light of the considerable damage to property caused by a number of participants after the anti-H-Block rally in Dublin last night, he will give an assurance that the forces at his disposal will be deployed so as to ensure against any repetition of these events.

In a situation such as arose in Dublin city centre last night, or indeed in any other situation where there is a need for the deployment of gardaí to prevent or control violence, the way in which the gardaí on duty are in fact deployed is, of course, a matter for the judgment of the officers in charge of the Garda operation, based on their training and experience.

I am aware that the Garda authorities had already taken special measures yesterday, including the calling on duty of a substantial number of extra personnel to deal with crowd control and so forth. In deciding on deployment, the officers in charge had to take into account many factors. I am informed that they are now further reviewing and re-assessing the position in the light of the deplorable events of last night, so that they may do all in their power to prevent a recurrence.