Sound Broadcasting of Dáil and Oireachtas Committees Proceedings: Motion.

I move:

(a) That until further notice Dáil Éireann authorise, on payment of such fees as may be determined by the Broadcasting Control Committee from time to time, the broadcasting on sound by national, local and foreign radio broadcasters of the proceedings of the Dáil and Oireachtas Committees;

(b) that such broadcasting be either live or in edited extracts or recordings;

(c) that recordings or extracts of the proceedings should not be used in programmes of light entertainment, political satire, party political broadcasts or in any form of advertising or publicity, other than in the form of news and current affairs programme trailers;

(d) that broadcasters be permitted on request to carry live coverage of any item of business subject to the following conditions;

(i) that such item be broadcast in its entirety and not be interrupted by commentary, analysis or commercial breaks;


(ii) that such item may not be rebroadcast in whole or in part except as permitted in and subject to the terms of this Order;

(e) that copyright of the material be vested in the Ceann Comhairle on behalf of Dáil Éireann;

(f) that broadcasters ensure political balance in the material they use;

(g) that the Broadcasting Control Committee be responsible for the necessary administrative and financial arrangements for sound broadcasting of the proceedings;

(h) that the Committee on Procedure and Privileges appoint a sub-committee to monitor and review the operation of this Order on an ongoing basis;

(i) that a Broadcast Manager be responsible for management of the sound broadcasting of proceedings on behalf of and subject to the Committee on Procedure and Privileges, including enforcement of rules of coverage; and act as a general point of liaison for Members, and broadcasting companies."

Question put and agreed to.