Criminal Justice (No. 2) Bill, 1997: Instruction to Select Committee.

I move:

"That it be an instruction to the Select Committee on Justice, Equality and Women's Rights, in the case of the Criminal Justice (No.2) Bill, 1997, that it has power to make provision in the Bill to amend the Offences against the State (Amendment) Act, 1998, to amend subsection (3) of section 15 to amend a reference therein to penalties under the Explosive Substances Act, 1883, and to amend subsection (2) of section 18 to provide for the continuation in operation from time to time of certain sections of the Act by a resolution passed by each House of the Oireachtas before its expiry for such period as may be specified in the resolutions subject to the period specified in any such resolution not being greater than 12 months, and to amend the long title of the Bill accordingly.

Question put and agreed to.