Leinster House Accommodation.

On a point of order, lest you are not aware I draw to your attention that staff in this House have been instructed by their union not to occupy part of the building because it is not yet ready. I would like the Taoiseach to avail of an opportunity to correct the misinformation put out on the radio at lunch time today by the Minister of State, Deputy Cullen, and earlier this morning by the Minister of State, Deputy Brennan.

Questions to the Taoiseach should proceed. I will allow the Deputy's question on the Order of Business.

It is not possible, for some of the staff in this House have been without IT since last Thursday. We received repeated assurances that things would be put right. It is galling then to be told and to realise that it is not the case.

I ask the Deputy to wait until the Order of Business.

I invite the Taoiseach to address it.

An Taoiseach, ceist a h-aon.