Personal Statement by Member

I have been a Member of this House for 33 years and I have never heard such slanderous, vicious, malicious, vindictive and false allegations as have been made against me here tonight. I want to put on the record of this House that I am not a convicted tax cheat and I am not a convicted tax dodger. In fact, when I was brought to court, the main charges were withdrawn and the only mark against my reputation in relation to taxation was that in 2006 my company filed an incorrect corporation tax return. Let me clarify that it was incorrect because we had overpaid tax. In fact, the judge went on to comment to the effect that I was a very conscientious taxpayer and I would like the comments that were made in this House tonight to be withdrawn.

Deputy Paul Murphy has an opportunity, not to make a statement-----

I will not be withdrawing the remarks.

-----but to withdraw his comments if he wishes.

No. Deputy Lowry also failed to keep proper sets of accounts and he was disqualified as a director. He is a convicted tax cheat.

He was found guilty of tax corruption as well.