Business of Joint Committee

We are in public session. Senator Higgins is substituting today for Senator Ruane, and we have no apologies.

Before we begin, I request that members sit only in the permitted seats and in front of available microphones to ensure they are heard. This is important as not doing so causes serious problems for broadcast, editorial and sound staff. I remind those present to please maintain social distancing at all times during and following the meeting. I ask those members participating remotely to keep their devices on mute until they are invited to speak. When speaking, I ask that cameras be switched on where possible and for members to be mindful that we are now in public session.

In addition, I remind members of the constitutional requirements regarding the necessity for members to be physically present within the confines of the place where Parliament has chosen to sit, namely, Leinster House, in order to participate in public meetings. I will not permit a member to participate where he or she is not adhering to this constitutional requirement. Therefore, any member who attempts to participate in this meeting from outside the precincts will be refused permission to do so.