I should like to consult the wishes of the Seanad on the next motion, which is the motion for the adjournment. The position is this, as I understand it, that the other House will have no further business ready for us before the 16th instant at the earliest date. At present in our initial state we have devised no business for ourselves. In the interval I hope that the suggestion of Senator Moore will take effect, and that the members will begin to devote themselves to the study of any particular subject in which they take a special interest, and that later on they may promote legislation which would, to some extent, perhaps, relieve the burden on the other House. This Seanad might very well initiate legislation upon non-contentious matters that would be to the benefit of the country and of relief to the other House, but until we get our House in order and our members begin to find their feet we cannot hope for much in that respect. The only thing is that I should wish them to apply their energies to it as soon as possible, because it would give us work to do. Meanwhile I would suggest to your, although it is not usually the task of the Chairman, but perhaps it is most convenient, that we should not definitely fix the 16th instant, because I am not quite certain that business will be available even by that date. If the Seanad are willing to leave it to me to summon them when I ascertain the date for which they will be required. I will gladly do it, but it is a matter for the Seanad.

I beg to move that this Seanad do now adjourn. The Chairman will give us sufficient notice as soon as it is possible to meet.

I beg to second that.

Motion put and agreed to.
The seanad adjourned at 5 p.m.