The first motion on the Orders of the Day is one down in the name of the Cathaoirleach as Chairman of the Standing Orders Committee, and it is on behalf of the Committee that the motion has been put down in his name. Probably the simplest way would be if I were formally to move the motion. The form in which it is put down is to enable the Standing Orders Committee to meet the Standing Orders Committee of the Dáil and to arrange so that as far as possible they might send a complete re-draft of the Standing Orders to the Seanad. Probably it will take another month before that can be completed. It may possibly take longer. I beg to move:—

"That the Provisional Standing Orders be continued in force until June 25th, 1923 or such earlier date as the Seanad may decide."

I have great pleasure in seconding your proposition. I do not see really that the Seanad has any other alternative. Our Standing Orders are not quite completed. There are certain negotiations in connection with them still going on. In any case it will be within the recollection of the Seanad that we passed these Standing Orders provisionally. So far we have worked under them and there is no reason why we should not continue to work under them, at all events up to the date mentioned in this proposal. Unless the date of the Standing Orders be further extended the limit set out in this resolution is June 25th. Of course it is also possible for the Seanad to deal with the question earlier if it so desires. In the circumstances we are giving fair latitude. We have worked under the Standing Orders, such as they are, so long that I think there is no reason why we should not work a little bit longer under them.

Whether it goes on for a month or so longer is a matter of indifference. I did not know that it ended now. I should like either then or now—then probably would be better—to raise a certain question that we passed the last time at the end of a long sitting when very few people were here and which I think very many people object to. I think on the whole it would be better not to bring up the matter now but later on, at the end of June.


There was an understanding arrived at that members of the Seanad will send in any suggestions which they wish to make to the Committee so that, as far as possible, the draft report would meet with general approval. Senator Moore will be quite in order in raising any point as soon as the report comes up.

Question put, and agreed to.