Aliens Restriction (Amendment) Bill, 1931.—Second Stage.

Question proposed: "That the Bill be now read a Second Time."

The purpose of this Bill can be very easily explained. At the time when we were negotiating for the German Trade Treaty the present German Minister, who was negotiating on behalf of his country on that matter, pointed out that although a certain code known as the Trading with the Enemy (Amendment) Act was not actually operative here there were certain portions of it, and also of the Aliens Restriction Act, 1919, which remained on the Statute Book and which might hereafter be made operative as against nationals of his country. We assured him that we would remove any portions of these Acts within a limited radius—any portions which he would indicate as being onerous to his countrymen. He pointed out sections in the two Acts, and we are proposing under this measure to repeal these sections. I may say that the Acts have never been operative in this country.

Were they specially directed against Germans?

No—alien enemies.

Did the German Minister point out the two sections as being merely a sample of what he had in mind?

There were three things in all referred to. One had definitely lapsed and there was no necessity to repeal it. There then remained only the other two sections.

Question agreed to.

Committee Stage fixed for Wednesday, 18th March.