Business of Seanad.

Before we enter on the business, may I ask whether it would be possible to arrange to meet on Tuesday of next week. We shall have a good deal of business, apart from the business on the Order Paper to-day. I understand that we shall have the Central Fund Bill.

And the Defence Forces Bill.

The Central Fund Bill usually lends itself merely to one-stage discussion and we should finish it next week. The Defence Forces Bill has to be passed, I understand, by the 31st March. I suggest, therefore, that the House should meet on next Tuesday, and I should like to know what the intentions of the Government are in the matter.

I see no objection to meeting on Tuesday. We have a considerable amount of work to get through, and if we were not to meet until Wednesday, the chances are that we might not finish the business at all.

Could we make an order now that the House will meet on Tuesday so that Senators who may not be here when the House adjourns to-night will be aware of the arrangement?

Ordered: That the Seanad, on rising this evening, shall adjourn to Tuesday, 20th March.