Order of Business.

Before I give today's Order of Business I wish to inform the House that next Tuesday we will deal with the Opsahl commission report followed by statements on Aer Lingus. Today's Order of Business is item 1 followed by all Stages of item 2. I suggest 30 minutes for spokespersons and 20 minutes for each Senator thereafter. I suggest a 30 minute sos after the conclusion of Second Stage. We will continue until 10. p.m. if necessary. Matters on the Adjournment will be taken at the conclusion of business.

The Order of Business is agreed. What other matters will be taken next week? I wish to advise the Leader of the House, that next Tuesday, in relation to item 3, we will be seeking to have our motion put because, as the Leader of the House is aware, Members of both Houses, were running around last November with blank cheques and I think it is important to see what sort of tender we now have.

Does the Leader expect the legislation enabling the setting up of the three Dublin authorities to be with us early in the autumn in order to meet the 1 January deadline? Will he make time available to discuss the Glackin report?

My concern is also about the Glackin report about which we heard on the radio this morning. Once again a report seems to be in the public marketplace without our having any knowledge of its contents. Could the Leader tell us if and when this report will be circulated to Members?

The Order of Business as outlined is agreed and I am glad the Leader is making time for a debate on Aer Lingus next week, otherwise we would have had to resort to Standing Orders to bring it forward as an emergency matter.

I understand the European Communities (Amendment) Bill, 1993, will be with us next week. I will contact the office of the Minister for Employment and Enterprise, Deputy Quinn, to ascertain if the Glackin report will be circulated to Members, but I presume it will be. We will deal with Aer Lingus next week.

Order of Business agreed to.