Get the latest results of the count in the Seanad general election 2020.

The most recent count results for the five vocational panels will be published here and on social media immediately after the announcement of the result of each count. Counting is expected to continue until Friday, 3 April. An indicative timetable is outlined in a press release.

For information about the election of the two university panels, visit the National University of Ireland website and the Trinity College Dublin website.

Current count

Agricultural panel

Current count

The counting of votes for the agricultural panel is ongoing. The fourteenth count has concluded. At this time the following have been deemed to be elected to the agricultural panel:

Last updated: 11.47pm, Tuesday, 31 March

Watch the count live from Dublin Castle

Complete count

Cultural and educational panel

Complete count

The following have been deemed to be elected to the cultural and educational panel:

The count is taking place at the Printworks, Dublin Castle. In the interests of public health, access to the Printworks is restricted to candidates and their agents.

Panels of candidates


Panels of candidates

See the candidates for election to the vocational panels of the 26th Seanad.

Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas and the nominating bodies proposed the candidates and the Seanad Returning Officer prepared the panels.

Seanad electoral process


Seanad electoral process

See how the Seanad Éireann electoral process works in this one-page infographic from the Oireachtas Library & Research Service.

Who nominates candidates for election to the vocational panels?

Each vocational panel comprises two sub-panels. A certain minimum number of members must be elected for each sub-panel.

  • Nominating bodies sub-panel Each nominating body registered in respect of a panel may nominate a fixed number of candidates for that panel.
  • Oireachtas sub-panel Any four members of the newly elected Dáil or outgoing Seanad may nominate one candidate for any panel but each member may join in only one nomination.

How is the Seanad made up?

The Seanad comprises 60 members, of whom 43 are elected from panels of candidates representing specified vocational interests. A further 6 members are elected by university graduates and 11 members are nominated by the Taoiseach.

About the Seanad panels

Cultural and educational panel - 5 members
Agricultural panel - 11 members
Labour panel - 11 members
Industrial and commercial panel - 9 members
Administrative panel - 7 members
National University of Ireland (NUI) - 3 members
University of Dublin, Trinity College - 3 members
Taoiseach's nominees - 11 members

Contact details

Seanad Returning Officer

Martin Groves

(01) 618 3226

Seanad Office

Leinster House

Kildare Street

D02 XR20