I have the honour to propose the selection of Micheál O hAodha as Ceann Comhairle. He has discharged the duties of the office of Chairman for some time past to the entire satisfaction of all the Members of the Dáil. The task of presiding is an enormous one and to some extent a hazardous one. During his term of office, he has shown remarkable ability. He has been extremely courteous and has shown very good temper. I suppose it would be out of order to say that he has shown unusual temper. We are entering on the real work of the Parliament and it will require all the ability of the Chairman to regulate the business in such a way that the reputation he has earned and the distinguished character this Assembly has achieved will be maintained. I believe I am giving expression to the unanimous wish of this Assembly in moving that Deputy Hayes be elected Ceann Comhairle.

I have the greatest possible pleasure in seconding the proposal of Deputy Cosgrave. I endorse emphatically, and with the greatest pleasure, everything he has said in regard to Deputy Hayes, whose conduct in the Chair during these last few weeks shows that he has grip and method in conducting business, and an impartiality which I am sure gives satisfaction to every Member of the Dáil. I have great pleasure indeed in seconding the motion.

CLERK of the DAIL (Colm O Murchadha)

The motion before the Dáil is that Micheál O hAodha be elected as Ceann Comhairle.

Motion put and agreed to.

Is bréagh liom-sa an onóir atá sibh ag tabhairt dom, am' thogha arís mar Cheann Comhairle, agus níl le rádh agam ach an rud ceudhna a dubhras nuair a toghadh cheana mé; sé sin—"go ndeunfad mo dhicheall chun cothrom na Féinne do thabhairt do gach Teachta pé dream gur ab as é agus pé saghas duine é féin."

I deeply appreciate the honour that you have conferred upon me by choosing me as Ceann Comhairle of the Dáil, and I think I could not say any more in acknowledgment of that honour than what I said before. I shall do my very best, whether successfully or unsuccessfully, to see that the business is properly carried out, and to see that every Deputy, whether belonging to a Party or whether a Party in himself, will get the utmost consideration and the utmost fair play.