asked the Minister for Defence if he will state what decision, if any, has been come to regarding the claim for a military service pension made by Mr. Michael Cleary, The Furze, Thurles.

A decision has not yet been come to regarding Mr. Cleary's claim. It will be reached very shortly when I will notify the Deputy.

Is the Minister aware that this claim has been under consideration for something like 15 months, and will he say when is it likely a decision will be reached in the matter?

I do not know exactly how long this claim has been under consideration, but of the large number of claims some must remain until the end. If this is one of the persons who unfortunately did not send in his claim early it was his bad luck. I can assure the Deputy, however, that the whole of the claims will be settled probably within a period of two months and nobody will have any cause to complain.

Is the Minister aware that in reply to a question six months ago I was informed that all such claims would be dealt with before the end of October?

I do not think that I ever made such a statement, and I should like the Deputy to produce it.

Yes, I will.

I hope you will.