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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 23 Nov 1927

Vol. 21 No. 17


asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he can state the reasons why Daniel McCarthy, temporary postman, of Carrigtwohill, will not be given the post of auxiliary postman at present vacant in that district, and what claims, if any, the successful candidate has to preferential consideration against the claims of a man who has four years' temporary service, and whose performance of duties is admitted to be satisfactory.

Mr. Daniel McCarthy's intermittent temporary service of 37 weeks gives him no claim to appointment. Mr. McCarthy is aware of this, and signed an official form in token that he understood and agreed to those terms on the occasion of his first employment. The successful candidate, in addition to other qualifications, has had over nine years' satisfactory service in the Department.

Is the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs aware that during the period of four years in which Mr. McCarthy has been employed as temporary postman there have been two appointments made to the position of auxiliary postman, and that in each case Mr. McCarthy has been overlooked? Further, is he aware that the man who has got the employment is in receipt of a British Army pension of 16/- per week and has no dependents, while McCarthy has seven totally depending on him?

I am not aware of the fact that other appointments have been filled, but, if they have been, I presume they were filled for the same reason as this one, that the applicants had better qualifications than McCarthy.

What are the better qualifications?

In this case, nine years' service.

Is the Minister aware that the man now appointed left the service before?

This postman has had nine years' service.

Did the postmistress tell you that he was previously discharged? I think it is very unsatisfactory, and I am going to raise the matter on the adjournment.