Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Non-Nationals' Share Holdings.


asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce what records are kept of the ownership by non-nationals of the share capital of Irish companies, industrial concerns and property.

Records are kept in the Companies Office of the shareholders of registered companies, including industrial concerns registered as companies, but these do not disclose the nationality of shareholders other than directors.

Records of ownership of property in the sense of real estate are not kept in my Department. As regards industrial intellectual property, that is, patents and registered trade marks and designs, records are kept in the Patents Office of the ownership by nationality of each Irish patent, registered trade mark and registered design.

Could the Minister tell us if the records kept here are comparable in the terms in which I have put the question with records kept in other countries?

I have no details of similar records in other countries. I would assume they are, because the Companies Act, 1963, which provides the arrangements in this connection, is a comparatively recent piece of legislation and I imagine the pattern followed in other countries would have been pretty thoroughly examined when that legislation was being prepared. I shall check on this and communicate with the Deputy.

I should be glad if the Minister would do that.