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Search for northwest shipping passage revisited in display of early 19th century book

10 Mar 2021, 18.01

An 1834 print by Edward Francis Finden showing the rescue of Ross’s crew by the Isabella.

This month the Oireachtas Library is revisiting the long, dangerous search for a northwest shipping route through the Arctic by exhibiting Captain John Ross’s published account of his expedition between 1829 and 1833.

It was hoped that this new shipping lane would enable quicker expansion of trade routes with the east. Ross’s ship – Victory – carried the captain, three officers and 19 crew. The ship became trapped in ice and the crushing ice forced the crew to abandon it and attempt to row to safety.

To find out more, visit the digital exhibition of the documents in the display case.

The Library’s monthly display continues to be virtual while many staff continue to work from home.