A selection of videos from earlier years is available to view/download. Some are in MP4 format and some are in WMV format.

2016 - to date

To download MP4 video files from 2016 (32nd Dáil) onwards, go to our online video archive. Any file can be downloaded directly from within the video player. Right-click while the video is playing to download.

2006 - 2016

Historical MP4 and WMV files for many days throughout this 10-year period are available to download in our video archive. It is not a complete archive of all proceedings. Daily files can be single files or there can be several files associated with a single day. MP4 files are only available from October 2009 onwards.

Please note:

  1. Files are categorised in folders by chamber/room, year, month and day.
  2. The daily files are large files (> 6GB).
  3. File names follow a distinct naming convention based on date, e.g., [forum]_[YYYYMMDD].{mp4 or wmv}
  4. Reuse of any webcast or broadcast is subject to our Rules of Coverage and the Oireachtas (Broadcast Proceedings) PSI Licence.


Rules of coverage

The use of broadcasts and webcasts of both the Houses and Parliamentary Committees must be in accordance with the Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann and Standing Orders of the Seanad. In particular, it should be noted that: 

"... recordings or extracts of the proceedings shall not be used in programmes of light entertainment, political satire, party political broadcasts or in any form of advertising or publicity, other than in the form of news and current affairs programme trailers...". 

If you have any queries regarding reuse of video footage, please email broadcast@oireachtas.ie.