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Researcher in residence Dr Boris Galkin

Dr Boris Galkin spent three months as researcher in residence with us under the SFI Public Service Fellowship Programme. During his time with us, Dr Galkin studied the economic, social and ethical implications of unmanned aerial vehicles, known more commonly as drones.

Photo of a drone alongside photo of Dr Boris Galkin

Consumer and Commercial Drones

Read Dr Galkin's research paper published at the end of his residency with the Oireachtas L&RS. It examines the emerging technology of drones and their rapid proliferation into the consumer and commercial sectors.

Dr Boris Galkin is a research fellow of the CONNECT centre for future networks and communications, where he works on integrating drone technology into the mobile phone network of the future.

Dr Galkin is one of six researchers seconded to the Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service as part of the SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) public service fellowship programme.