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Researcher in residence Dr Tim Jacquemard

Dr Tim Jacquemard spent three months as researcher in residence with us under the SFI Public Service Fellowship Programme. During his time with us, Dr Jacquemard investigated eHealth technology and its social and ethical implications.

Dr Tim Jacquemard alongside an image of electronic health records


Read Dr Jacquemard's research paper published at the end of his residency with the Oireachtas L&RS. It examines the social and ethical implications of eHealth (electronic health) applications in Ireland. eHealth is at an early stage of development in Ireland and is considered a critical enabler of the desired transformation of the Irish health system into a more integrated, patient-centric and efficient system.

Dr Jacquemard works on eHealth regulation and governance, examining processes around electronic patient records, patient portals and data analytics. He has a background in philosophy and extensive experience in technology assessment with FutureNeuro and the Rathenau Instituut in the Netherlands. Dr Jacquemard aims to inform Oireachtas Members and the parliamentary community about policy issues around this vital technology.

Dr Jacquemard is one of six researchers seconded to the Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service as part of the SFI (Science Foundation Ireland) public service fellowship programme.