Léim ar aghaidh chuig an bpríomhábhar

Dáil Éireann díospóireacht -
Thursday, 5 Jul 1945

Vol. 97 No. 18

Local Authorities (Acceptance of Gifts) Bill, 1945—Committee Stage.

Sections 1 and 2 agreed to.
Question proposed: "That Section 3 stand part of the Bill."

I should like to ask if this is the proper time to raise a point in regard to public gifts generally and to ask the Minister if provision will be made to ensure that gifts of this character will be made available to citizens at the proper time. I have in mind particularly the Bourne Vincent Memorial Park at Killarney. I understand that that park is not available to the citizens at the present moment.

That point does not arise. The Bill is not concerned with gifts already made.

Surely I can give an instance of a case in which a present was given to the country for the use of the citizens and effect has not been given to the wishes of the person who made the gift? I want to direct the attention of the Minister to the fact that that is so and ask him to make provision in the case of any future gift that effect will be given——

Has the Deputy not done so already?

That is what I want to know, whether any gifts that will be made——

I object very strongly to the implications of the Deputy's statement. The conditions under which the Bourne Vincent Memorial Park was acquired were settled by this House and are embodied in a statute. Effect has been given to that statute. I deny that the Minister has in any way disregarded the terms of the conditions upon which the gift was given.

The gift was given for a special purpose.

If this House by statute fixed the terms and conditions under which the park was taken over, they stand. The Deputy cannot advocate an amendment of that Act on this Bill.

With all respect, can I not say that the conditions have not been given effect to, and that the Bourne Vincent Memorial Park was given as a gift to the citizens of the nation——

The Chair cannot decide between the Minister's categorical statement that the conditions have been carried out and the Deputy's allegation. It is a question of a difference on a statement of fact between the Minister and the Deputy and the Chair cannot decide it.

This is the first time that a Bill like this has come before the House since the Bourne Vincent Memorial Park was taken over.

The Deputy may not pursue the matter on this section. The terms of the statute have been carried out according to the Minister. Section 3.

I am on Section 3.

The Deputy is not on Section 3.

I am going to speak on Section 3.

The Deputy will resume his seat.

I respectfully protest against your ruling. This is not the first time——

The Deputy will resume his seat.

Everybody can put his view across the House except myself. It is not the first time you took up that attitude. Every time that a Minister attacks me or that I raise a point, you rule in his favour.

The Deputy will retire from the House for the remainder of this day's sitting.

I should like to have somebody to move my suspension. This is political Party prejudice.

A Deputy

The gallery.

You remember the last time I was suspended, the Minister had to come back and apologise. Then the report of the whole debate was faked.

Proceedings of the Committee suspended.