Local Government Bill, 1945—Message from the Dáil.

The following Message was received from the Dáil:—

Tá Dáil Éireann tar éis aontú le Leasuithe 1 go 13 agus 15 go 29 rinne Seanad Éireann ar an mBille Rialtais Aitiúil, 1945; tá sí tar éis aontú le Leasú Uimh. 14 agus an leasú so leanas:—

Dáil Éireann has agreed to amend- ments Nos. 1 to 13 and 15 to 29 made by Seanad Éireann to the Local Government Bill, 1945; it has agreed to amendment No. 14 with the fol- lowing amendment:—

In sub-section (7) of the new section inserted before Section 66, the words “five miles” deleted and the words “three miles” substituted therefor.

le n-ar mian aontú Sheanad Éireann d'fháil.

to which the agreement of Seanad Éireann is desired.

I move that the Seanad do agree to the amendment made by the Dáil to amendment No. 14 made by the Seanad to the Local Government Bill, 1945.

Might we have some explanation of the meaning of this?

The amendment is of a very minor character. The members of the Dáil pressed on the Minister the desirability that subsistence allowance be paid in respect of a member of a local authority whose residence was not five miles but three miles from the place where the meeting took place and the Minister agreed to recommend to the Seanad a further amendment of the section.

This will qualify Senator Sweetman, and we feel very grateful.

The only comment I should like to make on the amendment is that perhaps, at some later date, even the limit of three miles should be deleted altogether, because, in my opinion, a person is entitled to subsistence allowance for attending a meeting of a local authority whether he is five miles, three miles, or 100 yards from the meeting place of the local authority.

That point was made in the Dáil.

Question put and agreed to.