[NOTE:-The minutes of the Proceedings of this day were destroyed owing to enemy action. The following is a Press report taken from The Irish Independent of the 12th April, 1919.]
At yesterday's Public Sessions of Dáil Eireann, concluding the series, in the Mansion House, Dublin, pronouncements were made on the League of Nations, Freedom of the Seas and Social Policy as affecting commerce and industry.
Mr. DE VALERA spoke with vigour and clearness on his attitude towards the League of Nations, and, while varied views were expressed in later speeches, there was unanimous agreement on the principle of a World-League which would include Ireland. The position of Ireland as the "Heligoland of the Atlantic," and the importance of harbour development and prospects of world-trade from this country were discussed on the Freedom of the Seas question, and Mr. de Valera's observations on social policy, especially in regard to labour aspects, were revealing to a degree.
As on the previous day, Mr. J.J. O'Kelly ("Sceilg"), Deputy-Speaker, presided, and there was a large attendance of visitors, including clergymen, ladies and many well-known city and country business men.