Dáil Eireann assembled in Private Session in the Mansion House, on Tuesday, 17th day of June, 1919, at 9.47 a.m. (11.12 a.m. English time), the DEPUTY SPEAKER in the Chair.
There were also present:
THE SECRETARY FOR HOME AFFAIRS. THE SECRETARY FOR DEFENCE. THE SECRETARY FOR FINANCE. THE SECRETARY FOR INDUSTRIES. THE SECRETARY FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. THE ASSOCIATE SECRETARY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS. THE DIRECTOR OF TRADE AND COMMERCE. COLIVET, M.P. (Limerick City). CUSACK, Dr. B. (Galway, North). CROWLEY, J. (Kerry, North). DE ROISTE, LIAM (Cork City). DOLAN, J. (Leitrim). ETCHINGHAM, SEAN (Wicklow, East). FAHY, F. (Galway, South). FITZGERALD, D. (Pembroke). HAVES, SEAN (Cork, West). HAYES, Dr. R. (Limerick, East). HUNTER, T. (Cork, North East). KELLY, Ald. T. (St. Stephen's Green). LAWLESS, F. (Dublin, North). MACBRIDE, J. (Mayo, West). MACCABE, A. (Sligo, South). MACDONAGH, J. (Tipperary, North). MACENTEE, SEAN (Monaghan, South). MACGRATH, J. (St. James's). MACGUINNESS, J. (Longford). MACSUIBHNE, T. (Cork, Mid). MOLONEY, P.J. (Tipperary, South). MULCAHY, R. (Clontarf). O'CONNOR, ART (Kildare, South). O'DOHERTY, J. (Donegal, North). O'HIGGINS, B. (Clare, West). O'MAHONY, J. (Fermanagh, South). O'MARA, J. (Kilkenny, South). RYAN, Dr. J. (Wexford, South). SHANAHAN, P. (Harbour). STAINES, M. (St. Michan's). SWEETMAN, R. (Wexford, North). WARD, P.J. (Donegal, South).