Arising out of the Report of the Director of Trade and Commerce, Mr. J. MACDONAGH (Tipperary N.) referred to the necessity of counteracting the operation of English Trade Agents in Ireland.
Mr. MACBRIDE (Mayo W.) thought that the establishment of large distributing warehouses was essential to the development of export trade.
Mr. MACENTEE (Monaghan S.) suggested the establishment of an industrial bank, and Mr. SWEETMAN (Wexford N.) referred to the possibilities of utilising the water power of Ireland.
Dr. CUSACK (Galway N.) suggested the appointment of an Industrial Commission to collect statistics regarding Ireland's natural and industrial resources, and handed in a Notice of Motion to this effect.
Mr. O'MAHONY (Fermanagh S.) pointed out the necessity of securing support for existing industries, particularly in the home market.
Mr. MACSWEENEY (Cork Mid) said that it would be best to concentrate on industrial schemes requiring a moderate amount of capital.
Reference having been made by Mr. ETCHINGHAM (Wicklow E.) and COUNT PLUNKETT (Roscommon N.) to the possibility of starting an Irish Glass Manufacturing Industry in Arklow, the ACTING-PRESIDENT moved the adjournment of the debate until 9.35 on the following morning (11 o'clock English Time). This was agreed to, and the House adjourned at 4.35 p.m. (6 p.m. English time).