The ACTING-PRESIDENT moved that:
"Dáil decrees the assistance of the Irish sea fishermen and the maintenance and development of that industry. It authorises the application of National Funds up to £5,000 for that purpose, and the appointment of a National Inspector of Fisheries."
S. ETCHINGHAM (Wicklow E.) seconded. He said that piers and harbours were required. The English Government starved the Irish Fisheries in order to get the men round the coast for their Navy.
J. MACBRIDE (Mayo W.) said that most of the fishing round the coasts of Ireland was done by Frenchmen and Scotchmen. The Department of Agriculture in Ireland are now issuing orders defining river mouths far out to sea, and thus forbidding the fishermen from fishing on grounds thus defined, running in many cases two and three miles out. They refuse to say on whose application this is done.
M.P. COLLIVET (Limerick City) moved:—
"That the appropriation be increased to £10,000."
T. MACSUIBHNE (Cork Mid) seconded.
The Ministry accepted the addendum and the original question thus amended was then put and carried.