proposed the House would take up the election of the Grand Committee agreed upon at the session of 25/8/21. Ministers were not eligible for election but of course could vote as private members. He also proposed that any vacancies that would arise owing to enemy action should be filled by those whose names were next in order according to number of votes received.

This was agreed to.

It was also arranged that the voting would be by ballot and Seán Milroy and Michael Hayes were appointed as scrutineers.

raised the matter of a Deputy who represented two constituencies and it was agreed to allow only one vote to one man.

asked had he a vote in each province as representative of the National University.

replied that the member should only vote for the province in which he resided.

raised the point about the foreign representatives being eligible.

replied as the appointments have not yet been made they were eligible. If any vacancies occurred owing to a Deputy being appointed to go abroad the member with the next highest number of votes would take his place.

The voting then proceeded and when all the members present had voted the President suggested that business would proceed while the scrutineers were counting the votes.

This proposal was agreed to and the next business taken was,