Before the adjournment of the Dáil is moved may I ask would it be possible or advisable for the President to make any statement with regard to the appointment of the Boundaries Commission, and possibly as to the Irish Commissioner who will be upon that Commission. I think it would be desirable that the country should know, and I think the country would like to know, exactly what the position is in respect of that.

I am not in a position at present to make any announcement upon that matter. It has been the subject of consideration by the Executive Council on many occasions and also by the late Provisional Government. It is one of those matters that really require exhaustive enquiries as to the most suitable persons. Even in the case of suitable persons being on a panel for selection for this position one must have regard to the opinions of those affected in the area, and I think anybody who has any experience of meeting representatives or other persons from the six counties will quite appreciate the advisability of considering their views upon a matter of this sort. I do not think it would be advisable to make any further statement upon that matter until the Dáil meets again on the 3rd January.

The purport of my question was that there was some inspired or semi-inspired, or partially inspired statements in the Press——

We ought to have notice of this question, or else special leave ought to be obtained.

It is merely on the adjournment that I was asking—

The adjournment has not been moved yet.

Would I be in order in asking this question formally ——

No! no notice was given. If a question was to be asked notice should have been given both to the President and to myself. I think it is very undesirable that Deputies should rise suddenly in their places and ask questions of this sort without notice.