I just want to raise a small question that the Minister for Finance may be able to answer. It is in relation to compensation claims that have been passed by the Commission and are outstanding. I am referring to small claims of householders who lost furniture in Balbriggan. There are five or six houses which have been rebuilt, houses which were burned, and the tenants of the burned houses were awarded certain compensation ranging from £20 to £70. I think there are only five and probably the total amount is not £200, but they are ready to go into the houses and practically cannot go in because they have no money to buy furniture. I wonder would it be possible to expedite the payment of these small compensations in such cases?

I will undertake to look after that personally. I do not know anything at all about the circumstances of it, but if Deputy Johnson will give me any particulars regarding the names I will look into it just now when I go over to my office.

The Dáil adjourned at 4.35 p.m.